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Saturday, July 3, 2010


We want to wish all our Oasis families a safe and Happy Independence Day weekend and look forward to see you all on Monday!

*Also, Weekly Schedule Updates are now available above in a new tab!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Field Day!

Schedule for Friday July 2nd:

Activity 1/ Activity 2/Activity 3/ Activity 4

1A: Swim/ Beach/ Sports/ Drama
1B: Swim/ Beach/ Dance/ Skate
1C: Swim/ Beach/ Drama/ Fine Arts
1D: Swim/ Beach/ Fine Arts/ Sports
2A: Fine Arts/ Skate/ Swim/ Beach
2B: Sports/ Fine Arts/ Swim/ Beach
2C: Dance/ Drama/ Swim/ Beach
2D: Skate/ Dance/ Swim/ Beach

Hello Oasis families!

We had a lot of firsts today and are excited to share some of those ventures with you all. As you may have noticed; our website changed a bit...we thought we match the style of the blog with the calm colors of the sandy beach. Speaking of the beach, we were once again back at Nickerson today. To give a reference to some of our returning families....we mirrored the schedule of last year's Friday routine. Today we had an all camp beach morning. Both Divisions got into the water and had a blast. With the unseasonal temperature this morning it was a bit chilly for some of us but as the summer temperatures stay constant in the coming weeks....the cool water will be a refreshing relief from the summer heat. After the walk along the boardwalk from the beach, the next item on the agenda was to satisfy the munchies we had. Just as we finished lunch, we were able to use the playground and courts for electives. After a quick water and sunscreen break, we were bused to point lookout park for our first all camp special event of the summer! Field day was awesome! Campers had to work in teams to ultimately take the water they collected to dump on both Division Leaders, David and Percy. We then traveled back to the BMRC for ices and relaxed till our parents got us for dinner :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taking off and going around the world!

Thursday July 1st Schedule:

1A: Swim/Beach/All Camp Event
1B: Swim/Beach/All Camp Event
1C: Swim/Beach/All Camp Event
1D: Swim/Beach/All Camp Event
2A: Beach/Swim/All Camp Event
2B: Beach/Swim/All Camp Event
2C: Beach/Swim/All Camp Event
2D: Beach/Swim/All Camp Event

Hi De Hi Oasis Campers!

We are blasting off on our camp theme on our "Journey around the world in 40 days." Our first stop on our trip this summer is the season's total opposite of Antarctica. Sarah introduced her class of Fine Arts to our campers today. Under her guidance, our campers are navigating the route with their own maps of the globe starting in the South Pole and used every drop of paint to make sure everything was geographically accurate. With the use of Point Lookout Park, sports intructor Johanna wants to say to every camper how "sweet" it was today to see the teamwork displayed amongst the groups. Skateboarding is officially starting to run smoothly as groups now know the routine of properly padding up and able to pick up the basics. Swim staff is in the final stages of swim testing and every 5 day camper has been tested and ready to start instructional swim on Monday.

Don't forget to checkout the Oasis sweatshirts and pants and other apparell on our main website! A link is also on the leftside column < ------

*Note to parents* By the end of this week, the option is now available to register for more weeks this summer if your camper is not signed up for our 8 weeks of camp.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coming Back Home!

Schedule for Wednesday June 30th:

Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Activity 3/ Activity 4

1A: Swim/ Swim/ Fine Arts/ Dance
1B: Swim/ Swim/ Drama/ Fine Arts
1C: Swim/ Swim/ Sports/ Skate
1D: Swim/ Swim/ Skate/ Drama
2A: Sports/ Skate/ Swim/ Ocean
2B: Drama/ Sports/ Swim/ Ocean
2C: Skate/ Fine Arts/ Swim/ Ocean
2D: Fine Arts/ Drama/ Swim/ Ocean

It's Like we've never left!

Today we were back at Nickerson Beach. Although we had a slow start with the transportation of the campers and staff from BMRC to Nickerson, We on our way to our activities and the ocean in no time and felt the refreshing salty breeze in our hair; or so was the excuse for many of the campers for having sand in their hair from rolling in the sand making sand angels :) It was great to once again have use of the volleyball courts for nuke em and the fields for soccer. Frank our skate instructor was as thrilled as the kids to be able to finally be back at the skate park and 5 times as enthusiastic when teaching the groups that visited him today! Our main attraction was of course the beach. Swim staff had an excellent time having the chance to go into the water with the kids once they finished Beach safety; there was nothing but splashing action going on till the water safety buddy checks and then right back in! The trip back to BMRC went more smoothly and efficiently after adjusting a bit so we will all be used to this bus travel to our facilities in no time! Tomorrow we are back at the Sand pool for the remaining swim testing and ocean activities as well as introducing Sports at the Point Lookout park and Fine Arts with Sarah!

Monday, June 28, 2010

First Taste of The BMRC

Tuesdays June 29th, 2010 Schedule

Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Activity 3/ Activity 4

1A: Shore/ Shore/ Drama/ Skate

1B: Shore/ Shore/ Skate/ Sports

1C: Shore/ Shore/ Dance/ Drama

1D: Shore/ Shore/ Sports/ Dance

2A: Sports/ Drama/ Ocean/ Ocean

2B: Drama/ Dance/ Ocean/ Ocean

2C: Skate/ Sports/ Ocean/ Ocean

2D: Dance/ Skate/ Ocean/ Ocean

Time Frames for each Activity are the same as the first post below.

Welcome Back Oasis Campers!

Today was our first exposure of the wonders of the BMRC! The use of the brand new space for our camp made us feel comfortable and right at home. We were able to escape the heat and rays in the A/C building yet were still able to play inside the brand new gym. The option of the enclosed parking lot also gave us a chance to play one of our favorite games of Knockout Basketball! Within the excitement of BMRC, we also met our groups. Group Leaders noticed that many of their campers were excited to see some familiar faces from last year and eager to get to know the new kids in their groups. After getting acquainted with one another, they were all off to their first activities to meet their lesson instructors this summer and start swim testing in the pool. If campers didn't have a chance to get swim tested today then their next opportunity will be on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, we are extremely looking forward in returning back to the familiar territory of Nickerson Beach! We won't have the luxury of the constant shade like today so Do Not forget your water bottles and sunscreen!

***Reminder to Parents that camper are ready to be picked up at the BMRC parking lot at 4:30pm. Please bring identification with you and please double check all your authorized pick up lists.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camp Has started!

Hi De Hi Oasis Parents and Campers!!!!!

Here's a quick run through of our daily camp schedule

9:00-9:30 Arrive at Camp/Drop off

9:30-9:45 Morning Rally

9:45-11:00 *Activity 1

11:00-12:30 *Activity 2

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:00 *Activity 3

3:00-4:25 *Activity 4

4:30 Dismissal/Pick up



Come visit our blogspot again for daily updates, announcements, and pictures!!

*Activities include swim, skateboarding, sports, dance, fine arts, and drama