Lost and Found

This is a reminder that all unclaimed items currently in our Lost and Found will be donated by Monday August 23, 2010.


Official Poem 2010

"If you Take a Teddy to Camp"

by Emily Skira

If you take a teddy to camp, he'll want to do morning rally.

If he does morning rally, he'll want to go in the van.

If he goes in the van, he'll want to talk to Percy.

If he talks to Percy, he'll want to carry the water cooler.

If he carries the water cooler, he'll want to go to the beach.

If he goes to the beach, he'll want a bathing suit.

If he gets a bathing suit, he'll want to go in the water.

If he goes in the water, he'll want to have lunch.

If he has lunch, he'll want to go skateboarding.

If he goes skateboarding, he'll want to go inside to cool off.

If he goes inside to cool off, he'll want to play with his new friends.

If he plays with his new friends, he'll want to come back tomorrow.