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Monday, June 28, 2010

First Taste of The BMRC

Tuesdays June 29th, 2010 Schedule

Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Activity 3/ Activity 4

1A: Shore/ Shore/ Drama/ Skate

1B: Shore/ Shore/ Skate/ Sports

1C: Shore/ Shore/ Dance/ Drama

1D: Shore/ Shore/ Sports/ Dance

2A: Sports/ Drama/ Ocean/ Ocean

2B: Drama/ Dance/ Ocean/ Ocean

2C: Skate/ Sports/ Ocean/ Ocean

2D: Dance/ Skate/ Ocean/ Ocean

Time Frames for each Activity are the same as the first post below.

Welcome Back Oasis Campers!

Today was our first exposure of the wonders of the BMRC! The use of the brand new space for our camp made us feel comfortable and right at home. We were able to escape the heat and rays in the A/C building yet were still able to play inside the brand new gym. The option of the enclosed parking lot also gave us a chance to play one of our favorite games of Knockout Basketball! Within the excitement of BMRC, we also met our groups. Group Leaders noticed that many of their campers were excited to see some familiar faces from last year and eager to get to know the new kids in their groups. After getting acquainted with one another, they were all off to their first activities to meet their lesson instructors this summer and start swim testing in the pool. If campers didn't have a chance to get swim tested today then their next opportunity will be on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, we are extremely looking forward in returning back to the familiar territory of Nickerson Beach! We won't have the luxury of the constant shade like today so Do Not forget your water bottles and sunscreen!

***Reminder to Parents that camper are ready to be picked up at the BMRC parking lot at 4:30pm. Please bring identification with you and please double check all your authorized pick up lists.

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