Lost and Found

This is a reminder that all unclaimed items currently in our Lost and Found will be donated by Monday August 23, 2010.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh my....the photographer went crazy!

Seems like Division leader David is so proud of his campers in Division 1, he snapped up the Oasis Camera the last couple days to make sure that his kids are showcased in the Oasis blog photos. Here is the Division 1 Gallery!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Our Oasis Camera finally was able to make its way into Division I and Sarah's Fine Arts Class!

The Skateboarding Sharks of 2A love art so much that they had their 3rd African themed art class. Today they made their own versions of African Masks.

The other Campers that are up to their first art lessons later this week will have Kente cloth drawings to take home!

Division I Pool Time!! All the baby sharks of division 1 worked on their kicking skills today! After they have mastered the leg movements, they were taught the proper arm movements and they will all be free-style swimming before you know it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Perfect score of 100 degrees!?

Nickerson Day!

Even though temperatures reached into the 100 degrees in some areas. The fact that the ocean water was 30 degrees cooler and the constant breeze made things very pleasant at Nickerson. Here are some pics of our lunch period.

Skateboarding at its best when we are home back at the Skateboard Park at Nickerson. Here are some pics of the 1D getting in the mess and learning how to balance and ride the boards. Who says only guys can skate? You go girls!!!!!

Tomorrow we are back on our Wednesday schedule at the sands pool and the use of BMRC and Point Lookout Park. Shade and Water are provided for the kids at every location and constant sunscreen breaks are being implemented to make sure all the campers are protected from the summer heat and the sun's rays.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Hi de Hi Oasis Families!

This week is going to be a real scorcher! With temperatures reaching to the high 90s we are adjusting our schedules to get every camper at least twice into the water. With constant reminders to re-apply sunscreen and frequent water breaks. Staff here are taking the neccessary precautions to keep all campers cool and hydrated. All other activities including sports and skate mainly had their classes at the BMRC....Skate constantly came into the Air Conditioned space to cool off periodically in between lessons and sports had their soccer lessons in the gym. Be prepared to be in the ocean tomorrow and apply lots of sunscreen!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrate Independence Day with Us on Monday!

Help Oasis Celebrate the 4th on the 5th! Come to camp in as much red, white and blue as yopu can. Dress up your oasis gear with patriotic hats, red/ white/ blue shorts, or bring in the American Flag to wave with pride. :)

Swim Fun :)

Its so cool to be in the Pool!!

Campers had a lot of fun at the pool making up a swim song with Sarah, Shelly, Mike, and Cetera!