Lost and Found

This is a reminder that all unclaimed items currently in our Lost and Found will be donated by Monday August 23, 2010.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

We finished Hiking through Europe!

Europe was the best continent yet! We touch based on many cultures and visited many countries including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, and England during our Amazing Race event! On friday we still lingered in England for a while as we prepared for our departure to South America next week but we had our favorite reading material from J.K Rowling since it was Harry Potter Day!

We ended our day with fun & laughs and I had to get pictures of the excitement happening at the Rec Center as the campers waited to get picked up. Who says you have to leave camp to start the weekend!? Here was our Happy Picture Pickup Time photos of campers and Group Leaders!

Remember Campers that Monday Is Backwards Day!!!! Where your Oasis Shirts backwards as well as your hats, glasses, and your backpacks on your tummies!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey Ya!!!! That was so much fun!

We started the day off right with the wonders of Disney!!!! We had inspirations from the little mermaid as well as Mickey himself. Even had some special appearances by Hannah Montana and Miley Cirrus too!

The other half of the day was full of laughs thanks to the Hey Ya Comedy Club brothers!! They had us in suspense till they hit us with the punch lines and as you can see the crowd was always at the edge of their seats. We saw amazing tricks, mystical magic tricks, and had plenty of audience participation; They were great!

Even CEO Bearnie was able to join in for the laughs!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finally...We made it to Europe!

After some navigation issues yesterday....We Finally made our way past the Atlantic Ocean and onto the european shores. We had our superheros Josh and Mickey help lead us back towards the right direction towards of fourth continent of Europe. With our visit, Fine Arts is drawing inspiration from the legendary painter, Pablo Picasso. Drama is also getting inspired from France where we are learning how to Mime!

Tomorrow is a very Special Day in Camp since it is a double whammy of events! Tomorrow's theme day will take me back to my childhood where we are reliving the wonderful characters and music from Disney. I already told campers that they earn extra brownie points with me if someone comes in as Pumba from the Lion King! Another special treat is we are have the Hey Ya comedy club visit us at the BMRC. They are an awesome act and have visited us years past and they always keeps things fresh and give the kids nonstop, laughing entertainment. Oh, I just can't wait!....."to be King" : )

Enjoy the Fun we're having so far this week!