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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coming Back Home!

Schedule for Wednesday June 30th:

Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Activity 3/ Activity 4

1A: Swim/ Swim/ Fine Arts/ Dance
1B: Swim/ Swim/ Drama/ Fine Arts
1C: Swim/ Swim/ Sports/ Skate
1D: Swim/ Swim/ Skate/ Drama
2A: Sports/ Skate/ Swim/ Ocean
2B: Drama/ Sports/ Swim/ Ocean
2C: Skate/ Fine Arts/ Swim/ Ocean
2D: Fine Arts/ Drama/ Swim/ Ocean

It's Like we've never left!

Today we were back at Nickerson Beach. Although we had a slow start with the transportation of the campers and staff from BMRC to Nickerson, We on our way to our activities and the ocean in no time and felt the refreshing salty breeze in our hair; or so was the excuse for many of the campers for having sand in their hair from rolling in the sand making sand angels :) It was great to once again have use of the volleyball courts for nuke em and the fields for soccer. Frank our skate instructor was as thrilled as the kids to be able to finally be back at the skate park and 5 times as enthusiastic when teaching the groups that visited him today! Our main attraction was of course the beach. Swim staff had an excellent time having the chance to go into the water with the kids once they finished Beach safety; there was nothing but splashing action going on till the water safety buddy checks and then right back in! The trip back to BMRC went more smoothly and efficiently after adjusting a bit so we will all be used to this bus travel to our facilities in no time! Tomorrow we are back at the Sand pool for the remaining swim testing and ocean activities as well as introducing Sports at the Point Lookout park and Fine Arts with Sarah!

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