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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taking off and going around the world!

Thursday July 1st Schedule:

1A: Swim/Beach/All Camp Event
1B: Swim/Beach/All Camp Event
1C: Swim/Beach/All Camp Event
1D: Swim/Beach/All Camp Event
2A: Beach/Swim/All Camp Event
2B: Beach/Swim/All Camp Event
2C: Beach/Swim/All Camp Event
2D: Beach/Swim/All Camp Event

Hi De Hi Oasis Campers!

We are blasting off on our camp theme on our "Journey around the world in 40 days." Our first stop on our trip this summer is the season's total opposite of Antarctica. Sarah introduced her class of Fine Arts to our campers today. Under her guidance, our campers are navigating the route with their own maps of the globe starting in the South Pole and used every drop of paint to make sure everything was geographically accurate. With the use of Point Lookout Park, sports intructor Johanna wants to say to every camper how "sweet" it was today to see the teamwork displayed amongst the groups. Skateboarding is officially starting to run smoothly as groups now know the routine of properly padding up and able to pick up the basics. Swim staff is in the final stages of swim testing and every 5 day camper has been tested and ready to start instructional swim on Monday.

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*Note to parents* By the end of this week, the option is now available to register for more weeks this summer if your camper is not signed up for our 8 weeks of camp.

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  1. Nice to see the blog up and running. I'm sure that our kids will again have a great summer once they get settled in. We are happy to be a returning family. The font style is hard to read and the font color againt the background is also unclear. Other than that I might just need new glasses. Loretta & Christopher