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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What happened to the Oasis Camp Awards????

Today special event was the awesome Clue Mystery Event. All our campers became the investigators to solve the mystery of the Missing Camp Awards

Here was their Debriefing before they took the case:

The Camp awards was scheduled to be on route for several showings at multiple locations around Nickerson Beach today. In transit, a suspicious character was caught on surveillance tempering with the security details of the tour moments before the tragic event happened. The summer camp awards are now all missing! The Art, Dance, Drama, Health, Spirit, and Swim awards are all gone! The leadership staff’s investigation has concluded that the event sponsors of the Award Tour de la Camp are the prime suspects in the mystery of the missing camp awards. Each suspect in question will not hand over any information so easily you know; they would want something in return or test your intentions by challenging your group to accomplish a task. I am asking all groups in Division 1 and Division 2 to aid the leadership team figure out this mystery. Become the detectives and collect all the clues and find out what happened to the missing summer camp awards and who exactly was the suspicious person caught on surveillance!


Coach Ren-Dog

Super Chef Bobby Flay

Cheerleaders Valerie and Tiffany

Hippie Summer Love

Indian Chief Dog White

Princess Penelope

7 Olympic Gold Winner Mark Spitz

Carly the Cowgirl


  1. mmhh! that is a good one! who could it be? I say the "7 Olympic Gold winner" curious to see what the kids came up with...