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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rolling with the Punches......

Sports Team Pride Day! Some of the hardcore sport fans remembered to bring their gear!

Today shows what troopers we have at camp this year as we survived our first rain day. Division 2 was scheduled to go Eisenhower Park for Mini Golf and that they did. We arrived at the location around 11:30 and was getting our Tiger Woods golfing games on until it started raining on us! We were able to get back onto our buses and have lunch till we started our drive back when the rain got heavier. Luckily we got to play a few holes before we had to go and we had a special visitor at the golf course! Scroll down to see who and some of the D2 minigolf pics

Tomorrow is Division 1's field trip to Eisenhower Park....showers are scheduled for the morning and should clear up by the afternoon...Lets hope Mother Nature can help us out and end it sooner!

**Don't Forget**

Tomorrow July 14th is Twin Day!!! Talk to your fellow campers to coordinate similar looks so we can tell who are twins, triplets, and/or quads!!!!!!!!!!

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