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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look at em Shades!

Tuesday was the finest day of camp thus far! The temperature was in the 90s but the beautiful thing was that the humidity was low and add in the refreshing breeze and the calm ocean; it was the best Nickerson Beach Day Yet!!!! Along with the perfect weather, the campers are in full bloom in South America's Wacky Week. Today was crazy sunglasses day and although they all looked cool for the photoshoot, I was impressed at the wackiness of some of these shades. They were awesome! We also have some playground shots of us in the mess!

*Wednesday is a another double whammy folks! As we are preparing for Thursday's Carnival, we were able to bring the campers another on site trip. Last week we enjoyed the Hey Ya Brothers but on Wednesday July 28th, we have Improv for Kids coming in to show us a great time! Expect crazy skits and lots of acting from the actors and campers! Also weds is Mismatch day; I hope I don't lose the other sock since I'm coming in with different color socks!

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